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Erosion Control

Military Applications

Military Camps, Parade Grounds, Temporary Roads
Combat & Natural Disaster Zone Dust Control

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LHRT 1000

LHRT 1000 is a tough durable, all purpose polymer soil binder and sealant that achieves a stable layer of clear, bonded material resistant to wind erosion, rain impact, pedestrians, and traffic.

Military Grade Polymer

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LHRT 2000

When buildings and other infrastructure are damaged because of combat or demolished due to natural disasters, many hazardous dusts can be released into the environment. This is a significant health hazard for the civilian population as well as military personnel deployed for combat or humanitarian reasons.

Combat & Natural Disaster Zone Dust Control

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LHRT 3000

Rapid Deployment Dust Control

Depending on the natural environments military operations are set in, the presence of water – either too much or not enough creates – critical issues for aircraft, built infrastructure, logistics and equipment management.

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