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Erosion Control

Soil Stabilization & Civil
Construction Solutions

LHRT’s products are used in the world’s most testing environments by our international partnership, LHRT’s soil stabilization solutions have proven and tested results.

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LHRT 7000

A specially formulated liquid polymer, LHRT 7000 is a key solution that dries clear, and is environmentally friendly. Engineered for use in civil construction, it can
act as a clear polymer sealant as well as a high performing stabilization agent.

Polymer Sealing Dust Control

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LHRT 9000

LHRT’s most advanced polymer soil stabilization product, GRT 9000 was developed, for use in the construction of high quality and cost-effective pavement applications.

Polymer Soil Stabilization Solution

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Cracking of cemented gravels used in road construction have historically limited their use to specific applications; whereas if the cracking can be reduced or eliminated, their use could be extended to a much wider range of applications.

High-Quality Polymer Cement Modifier

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LHRT 5000

LHRT 5000 Dust Control Solution is a robust, liquid polymer that provides an exceptional surface coating solution on nearly all soil and resource surfaces. Independently performed testing confirms successful suppression of up to 95% of dust particles.

Liquid Polymer Dust Control

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